Power Regenerative Unit

PNSRU Series can feedback the regenerative power to power network so as to reduce the power consumption, and achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

  • It can replace the braking unit and the braking resistor
  • It can be applied to : elevator, crane, lift, oil and other industries

Technical Features:

  • Digital control, low harmonic pollution and high power factor.
  • Built-in three-phase feedback inductance and positive / negative bus's fuses.
  • With perfect over current, over voltage, over temperatire, over load protection and other protections.
  • Simply connecting three power supply cables and two busses can run automatically.
  • There are three indicators : Power, regenerative and fault.
  • Can set the parameter and check the status by the optional display panel.
  • Built-in the Modbus communication interface can constitute a remote monitoring system and timely monitor the PNSRU operating state.
  • Can record and check the total power.

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