Lift UPS

  • High reliability with DSP Sine wave technology:
    Our new product is embedded with digital signal processing (DSP) technology to produce pure Sine Wave.
  • Less maintenance & Eco friendly:
    Our system is designed with pollution free electrical components, making it more eco friendly.
  • Input 3 Phase Sequencing Protection:
    Our system comes with all the basic protections including input 3 phase sequencing protection which makes our system more reliable.
  • Smart LCD Display with LED Indications:
    To make it more easier for the user to understand, our LIFT UPS comes with LCD display & LED indications for displaying all necessary parameters.
  • Facility for Manual Bypass:
    In case of inverter failure or other emergency, our system comes with a rotary to manually bypass the grid to output.
  • Loading sensing with smart control:
    Our UPS continuously senses the load & waits for the lift door to open in case of low battery conditions. It senses the grid supply & jumps on to grid smartly when grid is in range.
  • Variable Change Overtime:
    To fulfil the needs of various customer, we are providing the facility for easily adjustable change over time (mains to Battery)
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