Escalator Controller

Technical Features:
Built-in synchronous switching function

That can achieve a smooth switch between industrial frequency and variable frequency.

Excellent bypass variable frequency technology

  • When escalators is switching from variable frequency to industrial frequency, the excellent phase locking technology makes small current impact and no jitter in the escalator.
  • Escalators from industrial frequency to variable frequency with ultra smooth speed tracking technology can realize the switching without impact.

Three kinds of energy-saving operations modes

  • Nobody taking the escalator, it will run at slow speed.
  • Nobody taking the escalator, it will run at slow speed first, and then stop running.
  • Nobody taking the escalator, it will stop running.

Perfect escalator protection

  • There are multiple escalator protections for fault.
  • There are more protection functions if configured PNS4000-PES-E1.

Four escalator running modes

  • Bypassvariable frequency run
    Somebody taking the escalator, when PNS520E controls the escalators to accelerate to industrial frequency, and the escalator will switch from variable frequency drive to industrial frequency drive.
    Nobody taking the escalator, it is switched from industrial frequency drive to variable frequency drive and run at low speed, which can save energy and reduce mechanical wear.
  • Industrialfrequency Y-? run
    The escalator uses the reduced-voltage of Y-A mode to start so as to reduce the starting impact, after that, the escalator will be driven to run by industrial frequency mode.
    When the variable frequency output is abnormal, the escalator system may run at the industrial frequency of Y-A mode.
  • Fullyvariable frequency run
    Whether or not taking the escalator, the escalator is always at variable frequency running state.
    Nobody taking, the escalator runs at low speed for energy-saving ; somebody taking the escalator runs at high speed of variable frequency.
  • Inspection run
    Divided into variable frequency inspection and industrial frequency Y-A inspection. Respectively detect the escalator system input/output signals and running state in the variable frequency state and the industrial frequency state.

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