Elevator ARD

Powernet ARD (Lift Care) is an external emergency power supply for original lift controller. These specially designed ARD Inverter sense the power failure / single phasing & feed the power to lift controller , to drives the lift car to the nearest floor or ground floor.

Lift controller will open the door and allows the passenger to exit. This smart rescue device is the safest evacuation device as it has no interface with safety circuit of elevator.


  • Fast Response ,Safe and Reliable
  • Fully Automatic Working
  • 3 Phase to 2 Phase, For 5HP to 60HP
  • Strong generality
  • Automatic Charging and maintenance free function
  • The time delay can be adjustable (10 to 30 sec). After power failure to activate ARD Operation, to ensure lift inverter to discharge remaining power
  • Short Circuit & over load protection
  • Compatible for any Lift Models

Sinewave Lift Guard

Powernet Sinewave Lift Guard is the largest generation of elevator system rescue device. When the grid power supply cut off or Power system of the elevator is fault, Lift Guard enable automatically & feed the power to the elevator controller. Controllers starts the motor and descend the elevator to the nearest or bottom floor with least current accordingly the instructions & then open the elevator door & allows the passenger to exit. After safe arrival, Lift guard automatically switches off with set time.


  • Pure Sine Wave Single Phase Output
  • Fully digitized DSP Control, Fast Response
  • Advanced battery Management
  • 1φ to 1φ Phase, For 3HP to 60HP
  • Fully Automatic Working
  • Automatic battery charging & maintenance free function
  • There is time operation of Lift Guard can be set from 180-360sec adjustable to avoid long running time
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