Elevator Electrical Kit

Powernet Solutions
Since 1999

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Arriving Gong Working Voltage : DC 24V
Car Pit Inspection Box Includes Wires Standard Product Include Lighting [220V - 40W],2-hole + 3-hole Socket, Intercom
Alarm Working Voltage : DC 12V
Emergency Stop Box Include Shaft lighting, include wires
Car Top Inspection Box With Plug Connected, AL AMP plug: Standard product include lighting [220w, 40w], Alarm Emergency Power DC 12V, 2 hole+3 hole Socket, Intercom and Arriving Gong
Terminal Limit Switch Include Switch Installation Bracket
Fire Protection Switch With Back Box
Emergency Power Advantages: Convinient Installation, Low Cost, Easy Wiring, Value Regulated Battery. Output Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection, Over Heat Protection & Over Discharge Protection
Door Sensors Infra Red Elevator Door Detector
Blower Cross Flow Fan
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